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Interswop Internship Abroad Agency is a tour operator of stays abroad worldwide with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. In fact, the legal name in German is “Interswop Auslandsaufenthalte Sprach- und Bildungsreisen GmbH” (Interswop Stays Abroad Language and Educational Travel Inc.).

Interswop Internships: 30 Years of Experience

Founded in 1991 and since then language, educational and work stays abroad are offered for high school leaver, university students and young professionals. Consequently, every year hundreds of participants word wide take part on these exchange programs. Especially, full-service packages with language courses, accommodation, assistance on location, organization of the Interswop internship or content of the program, visa application etc. are offered.

Among other things, we work with or are known to:

Many students self-arrange their internship

Generally, many foreign interns, students and trainees in the USA are not going through an organization like Interswop. In this case they organized their stay in the US on their own and only need to obtain the correspondent visa to enter the USA. Therefore, a so-called DS-2019 form is required to obtain the J1 visa. However, this form cannot be issued without any organization (visa sponsor). Thus, Interswop helps those persons to get the DS-2019 form and assists the J1 visa application.

Very hard to get a paid internship in the US

It is not easy to get an internship in the United States. And even harder to get a paid internship or training. To being with, our full placement service makes it very easy to undergo an internship or training in the US. After a pre assessment and evaluation of the possibilities of each candidate, we place participants into suitable internships. Also in trainings in most career fields. Generally, short-term internships from 3-6 months are mostly unpaid. On the other hand, long-term internships from 6-12 months and trainings from 6-18 months are paid.

Although staff members of Interswop get trained regularly upon the US laws and visa requirements, we can offer our DS-2019 form service at very affordable fees. Because some of the costs could be covered by banner advertisement on this website and commissions from our partners. In addition, we meet our US partners every year to guarantee our customers the best assistance possible. Interswop is a private company and does not receive any federal financial support. Therefore it is impossible to offer our services free of charge.

Why ordering the DS-2019 Form at Interswop?

  • very cheap processing fees
  • very easy order process / easy application
  • phone assistance free of charge
  • great to catch somebody who really knows something
  • fast processing of all applications
  • the fastest issuing of the DS-2019 form as possible
  • very cheap optional insurance package
  • fair refund policies of the US-partner
  • safe sending of the DS-2019 form to your home by private mail service
  • eventually required site visits at your host company are free of charge for the applicant
  • the site visit fee of US$ 200 is generally paid by the host company


Ordering the DS-2019 form at Interswop: a good choice!

Why applying for the full-placement service?

  • Easy and comfortable way to get an internship or training in the US
  • Paid internships are often covering the living costs while in the US
  • DS-2019 form issuing and training plan inclusive
  • Assistance on housing organization in the US
  • Everything out of one hand – no hassle
  • Short placement periods
  • Very competitive placement fees


More about the exchange programmes of Interswop Internship (German website): www.interswop.de