Paid or unpaid internship in the United States

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Paid or unpaid internship in the United States What’s best for you? Of course, each student would choose the paid internship for two identical or similar internship offers. This is not a question. But that’s where the dilemma starts. If everyone prefers the paid internship, it will be difficult for you to get the job. The greater the competition, the greater the selection of applicants for the company. This means that the company can set stricter criteria in terms of qualifications and experience for the internship applicant. If a company is already offering an internship salary, the company would also …

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How COVID-19 affects the international internship programs in the US

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Most international internship programs had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic and the associated travel restrictions. As long as there are no flights to the USA and you cannot enter the USA, you cannot do an internship there. But the US consulates must also have fully resumed operations and must process J1 visa applications. Whether the J1 Exchange Visitor Program, to which the internship program belongs, is then carried out as usual by the State Department is another question. The massive rise in unemployment in the United States caused by the Corona crisis could have an impact on …

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The Exchange Visitor Program allows foreigner to intern in the US

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The Exchange Visitor Program allows foreigner to intern and to be trained in the US The goal of the Exchange Visitor Program of the United States Department of State (State Department) is to allow foreign participants the opportunity to engage with Americans, share their culture, improve their English language proficiency, and learn new skills for their future careers. There are 15 different categories of sub-programs under the J1-Visa Program. Every year approximately about 300.000 foreigner participate in the Exchange Visitor Program. The State Department designates more than 1.500 for-profit, non-profit, or federal, state, and local government organizations to conduct different …

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