DS 2019 COST

The following fees apply only for self-arranged internships and trainings!

Find all costs to get the DS-2019 form and the J-1 visa.

We offer a very affordable DS 2019 cost structure.

Downloading the DS-2019 information: free of charge!

Processing fee of the DS-2019 application: US$ 49

Issuing the DS-2019 form:

  •  US$ 750 for internships 1-3 month of duration
  •  US$ 795 for internships 4-6 month of duration
  •  US$ 995 for internships 7-12 month of duration
  •  US$ 825 for trainings 1-3 month of duration
  •  US$ 870 for trainings 4-6 month of duration
  •  US$ 1.070 for trainings 7-12 month of duration
  •  US$ 1.270 for trainings 12-18 month of duration

Note: These are only the costs to issue the DS-2019 form which is absolutely required for the J-1 visa application. Later on the applicant has to pay the SEVIS fee of US$ 220 to the Department of State and the J-1 visa fee (approx. another US$ 160) to the US consulate.

Please do not confuse the issue of the DS-2019 form with granting the J-1 visa! These are two different procedures of different authorities.

Overview of the total costs to obtain the J-1 visa

Processing fee of the DS-2019 application: US$ 49 to Interswop.

Issuing the DS-2019 form: US$ 750/795/995/825/870/1.070/1.270 to the visa sponsor in the USA.

SEVIS-fee: US$ 220 to the Department of State.

J-1 visa fee: approx. US$ 160 to the US consulate in your home country.

Visa appointment with the US consulate in your home country mainly by call centers liable to pay costs.

Travel expenses for the personal visa appointment at the US consulate in your home country or jurisdiction.

Total costs/sum: approx. US$ 1.150 – 1.675


Do I have a chance to avoid these expensive visa costs?

Hardly if you really need to attend an internship/training in the US.

But the advantage of the J-1 visa is that also PAID internships/training are allowed. It depends on your negotiation skills if your US host company will not cover some of the DS-2019 form costs or maybe will pay you some remuneration. Also, don´t forget that maybe most of the visa costs could be set off against tax liability.

If you are not able to get a paid internship in the US, why do not use our full-placement service? We will organize for you a paid internship! The payment will cover at least some costs.


Could I save all the visa hassle and enter the US with a tourist visa?

No! This is not allowed and totally illegal. To attend an internship or training in the USA -paid or unpaid does not matter- is only allowed with a corresponding valid J-1 visa.