Solar/Electrical Engineering Internship near San Francisco

Code: VG32
Solar/Electrical Engineering Internship near San Francisco

Company is passionate about contributing to a world powered by clean, risk free, sustainable energy from the sun. They aim to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and products that contribute to and enable the transition towards a renewable future.

Specialties Include:
Solar Pile Driving Services, Engineering & Project Management for Solar Projects, Solar Installation and Maintenance, Solar Consultancy Services, Solar Tracker installation.

A typical day at work would start with a good cup of tea and checking incoming emails, responding or calling clients.

Intern would be working closely with the Operations and Project Manager:

  • creating installations manuals to improve workflow on the job sites
  •  checking project process and comparing with milestones
  • Controlling, Improving, planning processes for business development and internal project handovers.
  • Analyze, develop and apply strategies to grow the business and develop new markets by adding services like O&M, Electrical or adding products like Storage technology etc.
  • Apply developed strategies, measure efficiency

Duration: 12 Months
Stipend: $15/h
Location: Near San Francisco
Start Date: Rolling