Internship Program – Full Placement Package

Internship program with placement into paid internships

A paid internship program in the United States is your best choice!

An all-in one intership program with placement and DS 2019 form is the ideal solution for students on a limited budget. Going to the USA for a longer period to do an internship for your career is associated with high costs. Due to the cost of living in the USA. Additionally, because you need a special visa even for an unpaid internship. If, however, the internship is paid you will come out at about plus minus zero in the best case. And the host company will pay you a good salary. What more do you want?

A paid internship not only finances the otherwise expensive stay in the USA, but also guarantees a high-quality internship. Because only large, well-known companies can afford to employ a foreign intern. And to pay well too. On the other hand, the company also demands a qualified intern who stays in the USA for a longer time. After all, it also must be worthwhile for the company.

Not easy to get a paid internship

Unfortunately, it is not the case that the US companies are desperately looking for foreign interns. And additionally, pay for the flight, the accommodation or even the recruiting of the intern. Organizing a paid internship in the U.S. and then going through the visa process is difficult and time consuming. The intern must pay this work of the intermediary organizations who offer such internship programs. However, it is always worth investing in your career with an internship in the USA. And with an internship salary between 500 – 1,000 US $ gross per month, this investment quickly pays off. Apart from the unforgettable experiences that you have during a 6 – 12 months internship program in America.

Commercial internship

Longer internships in the US are generally paid

Placed internships lasting between 7 and 12 months and training courses of up to 18 months are generally paid. You can expect an internship salary of around US $ 1,000 per month. Always dependent on the internship area, the qualifications of the intern and the position.
Sometimes internships of 3 to 6 months can be also paid for. Here you can count on an internship salary of around US $ 500. In principle, we cannot guarantee an internship payment from the outset in terms of amount or manner. However, the US partner can use your curriculum vitae to assess relatively quickly whether you can expect remuneration and the amount or not. The decisive factors are your qualifications and experience, the internship area and the duration of the required internship.

Shorter internships in the US are mostly unpaid – but still worthwhile

If you would like to do a technical internship in the USA lasting between 3 – 6 months, these are usually unpaid. Or even a low salary, because sometimes there is a small remuneration. You should not speculate on this or make your participation dependent on it. For this, these short-term internships can be arranged relatively quickly and cheaply. We arrange a suitable internship usually within a month up to max. 2 months. Nevertheless, you should apply in good time, since the subsequent visa process also takes another 2 months.

  • Short internships are mostly unpaid
  • Longer internships are usually paid
  • A paid internship finances part of the costs
  • You will earn 500-1.000 US$ per month
  • Expect 500 US$/month for a 3-6 months internship
  • 1.000 US$/month for a 7-18 months internship/training

An internship program in the USA for foreign high school graduates are generally not possible

In order to receive the appropriate J1 visa for an internship – regardless of whether it is unpaid or paid – you must be an enrolled, actively studying university student. Secondly, the internship must be relevant to your studies. University graduates and young professionals with at least 5 years of work experience can also complete an internship or training in the United States.
Unfortunately, however, no high school graduate or school leaver! As an alternative to the USA, high school graduates, school leavers and non-students can register for the Farmstay Program USA, Rural Homestay Program USA or an unpaid internship in Canada.

In what professional areas internships can be arranged in the US?

You can be placed mainly into commercial internships / trainings, e.g.:

Business & Management
Accounting & Finance
Marketing & Events
E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing
Arts & Culture & Design
Media & Communication
Human Resources
Real Estate

Find some specific, open paid internship opportunities in the US here.

Internship program in the USA – How does it work?

Internship program placement process

Intern in the US – What does it cost?

Full placement program fees.

Step 1 Application

Section 1 of the Intership Program: Application

Apply online for this program without obligation.

Please indicate which semester you are in. Which field of study you are studying and which area you would like to do your internship.
If you meet the basic requirements, you will receive a preliminary notification of admission to the internship program. We ask you to submit your resume in English. Furthermore, we forward your data and CV to the US. Now the US partner will contact you directly. As a rule, they will conduct a Skype information and consultation talk. Articulate your internship requirements. Consequently, the recruitment partner will give you his assessment of your options in the USA. In addition, the parner explanis the program procedure. Lastly, ask all your questions you might have.

As soon as everything has been clarified and nothing stands in the way of your participation, you will receive the placement contract. Only with the acceptance of this contract it becomes binding. Because you contract a placement order and the internship organization can begin. Besides, the US partner requires a deposit of 20% from you.

  • Apply online
  • Submit your resume in English
  • Skype information and consultation talk
  • Sign a placement contract and pay 20% deposit

Step 2 Internship Program: Placement

Section 2 internship search and placement

The placement partner arranges your internship in the USA within a maximum of 2 months.
You create your application documents (CV and motivation letter in English) with the support of the US partner. Then the “matching” takes place. Next, the partner presents your profile to American companies and they try to find a suitable company for you. Skype interviews with you and the recruitment partner or the internship company in the US can be carried out. Often there is also information about the company or the internship available (job description / internship profile).
Additionally, you will receive tips and preparatory support for the successful execution of a telephone interview.

We arrange your internship in a few weeks

The placement of internships is usually quite fast and a suitable internship position is available in a few weeks. Sometimes within a week. A maximum of 2 months is planned for this. If it is not possible to find a suitable job,the US partner refunds you part of your down payment.
After a successful interview and a positive decision from the company to employ you as an intern, you will receive the internship confirmation, the job description and the placement agreement. This completes the placement of the internship and the remaining amount (remaining 80%) of the program fee is due.

In the following, you will also receive support in finding accommodation. Furthermore taking out necessary foreign health insurance. And lastly, eventually required English language courses in the USA.

  • Internship placement time: few weeks – 2 months
  • Placement agency helps with documents
  • Internship confirmation, job description & agreement
  • Support on finding suitable accommodation

Can I specify a specific city or region?

Miami or New York?

You can express wishes regarding the region or eligible cities. Of course, we certainly take these wishes into account. Consequently, the focus is placed on the internship location and not so much on payment or other requirements. Think carefully about what is important for you in advance. A payment, the location of the internship or the internship area. If the requirements are too specific, it will be difficult to find such a job and your application can be rejected after the initial interview.

If you require a specific location, this could be agreed on for an additonal fee (special location request) of US$ 485.

Step 3 Visa Process

Section 3: Visa procedures and travel arrangements

The internship confirmation was not all.  Beyond, you must now apply for the J1 visa. This requires a so-called DS-2019 form, which is issued by a US visa sponsor. A so-called training plan (DS-7002) must be drawn up. The program fees include the entire bureaucratic act of the DS-2019 issuing. The US visa sponsor we assign will assist and supports you accordingly. Without an appropriate visa, you cannot do an internship in the United States.

The process of issuing a DS-2019 form already costs more than US $ 1,000 at many organizations alone. This internship program already includes the DS-2019 issuing. Everything is done “from a single source” to keep communication and processing paths short.

DS2019 Form included

  • J1 Visa application at the US consulate
  • The sponsor issues a DS-2019 Form and DS-7002 Training Plan
  • The DS-2019 and DS-7002 is included in the placement fee
  • You receive support to apply the visa


Health Insurance

You also need to show US health insurance that meets certain conditions of the State Department. The US partner or US legal sponsor offers this insurance to you. This health / accident and liability insurance has good coverage and currently costs US $ 95 per month. Read more about health insurance …


You can arrange your own accommodation in the USA. The US partner supports you to find suitable accommodation. Sometimes the company also provides accommodation. For a cheap place to stay in the United States, budget around US $ 600 per month, depending on the city and amenities. New York or Los Angeles can be significantly more expensive. Read more about housing …

Book a flight and start your internship program adventure

Book a flight only after you have received the visa!

Now, start your internship. During your stay in the USA you have a permanent contact person (by phone or email). Contact partners are the US recruitment partner and US sponsor, as well as the internship supervisor of your company, regarding internship and visa matters.

After completing the internship, the so-called “grace period” allows you to stay in the USA for up to 30 days of vacation and travel.

Invest in your career! Intern in the USA!