DS-2019 Form and J1 Visa

Your assigned visa sponsor issues your DS-2019 form

Once a suitable internship position for you is confirmed, a so called DS-2019 form must be issued to be able to apply for the J1 visa. To do an internship or training in the US, you need a valid J1 visa. It does not matter how long the internship/training is or whether the internship/training is paid or not.
The DS-2019 Form is the Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 Trainee Visa.
Without a DS-2019 form a J-1 visa cannot be granted!

The Full Placement Service includes the issuing of the DS-2019 form!

The value for a DS-2019 form only is about 1.000 US$. The full placement fee includes alreay theses costs.

  • Interns need a J1 visa
  • The J1 visa requires a DS-2019 Form
  • The placement fees inlcuide the DS-2019 Form
  • The form alone values 1.000 US$

Who issues my DS-2019 form?

After your successfull placement into a host company and your internship or training confirmation, we assign a suitable US visa sponsor. This visa sponsor contacts you and the host company to prepare all documentation needed for the DS-2019 form.

The visa sponsor is a US based organization, officially designated by the US State Department. The visa sponsor helps to ensure that your host company’s internship or training position matches your education and experience and does not violate the US Department of State requirements. Amongst other things the visa sponsor needs a resume (CV) and a reference letter from you.

The sponsor monitors your entire program and provides you with all necessary information as well as agreements between you, your host company, and the sponsor. During your stay in the USA the visa sponsor is your contact for all matters to your visa status.

  • A visa sponsor issues the DS-2019 Form
  • We assign a suitable visa sponsor
  • The visa sponsor monitor the whole program

What is the procedure to get the DS-2019 form and the J-1 visa?

After all paperwork between you, the visa sponsor and the host company are done, the visa sponsor issues the DS-2019 form. The sponsors sends this form to your indicated home address by private courier service like DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. Generally, the entire DS-2019 issuing process lasts about 4-6 weeks.
Once you received the DS-2019 form you are in condition to apply the J-1 visa and to get personal interview at the US consulate of your jurisdiction. You must bring the DS-2019 form along with the J-1 visa application forms to the US consulate.

You pay the J-1 visa fee (approx. US$ 160) directly to the US consulate and the SEVIS (Student Exchange Visa Information System) fee (approx. US$ 220) to the State Department. The full placement service fee does not include the visa fee nor the SEVIS fee!
Note: The DS-2019 Form does not guarantee you will receive the J-1 Visa. The form serves as proof that a State Department designated visa sponsor supports your visa application. Nevertheless, after receiving the DS-2019 form and submitting all necessary documents to the US consulate, it is highly unlikely that the consulate refuses your J-1 visa application.

  • The sponsor sends the DS-2019 Form to your home address
  • You take the DS-2019 Form to the US consulate
  • You apply the J1 visa at the US consulate of your jurisdiction