Full Placement Program Fees

Affordable Internship Fee – Full Placement Program

You are looking for a cheap internship fee which pays off quickly?

US$ 2.090 for 3 – 6 months internship with DS2019 form and internship salary of US$ 500 per month

US$ 2.590 for 7 – 12 months internship with DS-2019 form and internship salary of US$ 1.000 per month.

Including DS-2019 Form – Value 1.000 US$ !

Included services in the internship fee

Individual internship placement
Unpaid/low-paid (3-6 month) or paid (7-12 months)
Skype interview with US partner and/or internship company
Support in the creation of application materials
Allocation of an US visa sponsor
Issuance of the DS-7001 and DS-2019 forms
Offering suitable insurance that meets US visa requirements
Support in the organization of accommodation
Contact person in the USA during the stay
Back office online support in the USA
Emergency line 24/7
Assistance in booking a flight

Not included:

Visa fee

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Why is US $ 2.090 / 2.590 a cheap placement fee?

The DS-2019 form is already included in this fee. Even if you are looking for an internship for free by yourself and you are successful, you need this form. And the cost of issuing this form alone costs at least about US $ 1000. Some organizations charge a lot more than US $ 1.000 for the DS-2019 form service.

This means that the actual placement fee is only about half. Now, consider that a paid internship will be organized for you. Depending on the duration of the internship, the internship payment is approximately 500 – 1000 US $ per month. So, in the worst case, the placement fee pays off after only 2 months. The longer your internship in the USA goes, the cheaper the placement fee will be. Because it is a one-time payment, independently of your internship salary.

But it’s not just a placement fee. You get a whole range of other services, starting with the creation of your application documents. Assistance in conducting interviews. A

ssistance with visa applications and help with finding accommodation. You ha

ve a contact person during your entire stay in the USA.


Cheap internship fee